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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Moving is for the Birds

We've pretty much completed our second interstate move and it's been awful. Nothing really went wrong, but we definitely can't say that it was nice or fun. At this point we've got all of our boxes and furniture in the house despite the spiral staircase impeding progress to the second floor (what were we, or the builders, thinking!).

I've finally sorta got the office set up and the kitchen unpacked. I actually cooked some breakfast this morning beyond toast and coffee, which was very nice. The mid-sized city that we've moved to is really accommodating. On the outskirts of our small neighborhood we have several options for restaurants, groceries, coffee, bars, and small businesses that we've missed having access to in Missouri. We're also much closer to our old community and the friends that we left behind there. I haven't seen many of them yet, but I know that I will from time to time. It's not super close (around 1.5 hours), but hopefully it works out to still be a portion of our social life.

That brings up the future of our existence here in Southern Mid-Sized City (SMSC). We need to start work and connect with new friends. While we were in Missouri, this turned out to be really easy. That still surprises me, in hindsight. I befriended the department chair of the Chemistry department in the Small State University (SSU) that I worked for and many of my wife's friends in her academic department as well. I get the feeling that we may be relying a little on new "work friends" over the first few months after we start working, which won't likely be before August.

I'm hoping that I can 1) get a job pretty quickly (I have had one very good interview, so my fingers are crossed!) and 2) turn over a bit of a new leaf and form friendships with work colleagues. I avoided that to a degree at my first jobs and I don't think that was a great idea. Now that I've gone from those appointments, I find myself wanting to stay in touch with those people and I think that's an indicator that they would have been good friends outside of work all along.

In any case, to end this long-overdue post in my neglected personal blog, that's where we stand. Let's hope that we find the inspiration to unpack all of these boxes in the next few days.

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